Saturday, December 03, 2011

Train2Game - A new era....

So, its been ages since I posted anything, i'm going to blame a heavy gaming schedule on that, its been a right ol' year for AAA titles and its my duty to get stuck into the lot of them. If I find time I will attempt to review some of this years epic titles.

Anyhoo, the reason for this post is that today I got accepted onto, and started a Game Designers course with Train2game. Having researched them heavily online and perused forum after forum, i'm going for it. Having met with a lovely rep Sandra, at my house, I'm thoroughly convinced this is a great chance for me to get the skills necessary. Its not cheap, but they have that covered with interest free loans (same as student loans really). So the course is payable monthly (or in a lump if you're that way financially inclined).

I have my first module in front of me, raring to go. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Dude, how's the cooorse going?

  2. How are you finding the course?